My Art , Paintings and New Direction

Acrylic painting I call Black Magic.
Acrylic painting I call Black Magic.

Life has taken a new turn and I am going back to school and majoring in Art Education. Art is something I have always loved and teaching has been my love since I was little. I never pursued it because it was discouraged. The pay was too lol. So this website will mainly be my art but here and there it will feature other things also.

This painting is still in process but I am very happy with her so far. Enjoy the journey, breathing art every day.

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Unplugging from being Social

42cc9b121b450a843c28dc95923d4d50      I realized my addiction. Social media is fun and things are changing all the time, it’s exciting then sometime after that you are handcuffed against the wall by the routine. Don’t check the weather or the news instead check out the feed before you know it an hour goes by and you are late or running against the clock because you had to click like or respond. Yes you definitely should respond and if not on their status but on your wall for everyone to see. Oh no see you have to focus and need to put some inspiration on my wall so they can feel it. Its a duty. Oh man you need to tweet that or reblog. Suddenly it becomes your activity after that it’s a necessity because you know it’s someone’s birthday and you have to post a cake. It sounds hilarious to me when writing it but the day I said out of my mouth LOL instead of just laughing I knew I needed a detox.
Energy misplacement and I need to realign with my spirit. I love writing so the addiction that lets me do what I love to social media wasn’t the problem. The problem was the I was losing my social in real life experiences. Time is so precious and there is so much to experience. There is so much to teach and so much to learn. My blog then became a necessity because I am on a journey to 40. I have matured in so many ways I am getting better at how I place my time and where I place my energy. I never knew the importance of really knowing yourself with all honesty in order to grow. I finally freed myself by humbling myself enough to hear the truth deep within. I began to heal and after I healed know the real trial of finding a sense of self comes into play. We put our energy in so many places but don’t stop to get to know our own selves as we experience life.
Followers began to overtake real life friends. I preferred text over in person conversation. My anxiety was comfortable in not having to truly interact with friends. It became my circle of friends. A non-committed friendship with learning and laughter benefits. So my decision unplug completely once a week minimum has become a must needed mission. A vacation from thumbs up, heart and likes is well deserved. So taking some real time off with exception to this blog and replacing logging into social media and logging into the Universe.
I do respect that everyone does not have this issue simply expressing my own personal issue, be honest and true to self foremost and encouraging others to do the same.

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Quick thought

This thing called life is amazing. The turns, detours, pit stops and all. You have a map, a plan and then all the sudden a turn in that map leads you down a road where you have to put the map aside and at some point you will have to jump. You will have worn shoes and blisters and other times you will struggling to catch your breath but in the end, here comes the sun.

soar baby soar

I found myself just driving the other morning and suddenly was in the admissions office on campus.  I decided to continue my education at almost 40 years old, which means nothing to me but it is my reality. A teen, a toddler, and books

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Your Space, Your Home is a Sacred place.

Home is a place where you want to come home and it is your haven. Decorating your home should be a reflection of you, not necessarily trendy unless you are a trendy person. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your space.  Whether it is a room in your home or the whole home, even a closet and don’t forget your office if possible.Your space should be a true representation of you.

In this life having a roommate requires adjustment and you need that space in your home or corner of the room that is your own.  You need to recharge reflect and just be.  In this World, we have over 7 billion roommates where every spirit is a reflection of the next. 7 billion roommates. There are problems that come with that. You need to reset so you can balance yourself out.

Every so ofter my spirit shifts and I feel the pull to redecorate, other people once a year and some just add small elements.  Think of your home as a big hug, a place where you should feel free and happy along with your family. Encourage them to add elements in their space that speak volumes to the Universe. You want a space the feeds your spirit and engages your senses.

Sight: Colors. Most people pick a color that is calming. Most color experts say cool colors. Art, patterns, lighting etc, Crystals, focal point of the room etc

Hearing: Music, any image your eyes are taking in is feeding your spirit, water fountains

Taste : Appeal to your taste buds through the smells around your home. Let them take in the fragrance and anticipate.

Smell: Incense,  essentials oils, flowers, candles

touch: fabrics

The things you choose depends on you.  Some people create a space for spirituality, some so surrounded by Superheroes or their favorite team.

Also know that your body is sacred a temple to be loved.

The beginning of
The beginnings of redecorating my bathroom.  Just a few elements.  Feel free to tell me about your space and add to my list. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Weekend Family Time with Teen and my Toddler

When I say we are exhausted in a good way I mean it. We had such a fun time with the kids. They each had mommy time.

We took our son, we call D2, to COSI a Science Center here for everyone. They have an area kidspace where kids learn about science through their senses. The children are always all smiles and if you ever visit here I recommend it highly.
cosi toddler activities

toddler cosi

The next day my daughter, I call Halliewood, and I went to Shumatsucon 2016 here in Columbus and had a blast. Cosplaying is her love and therefore something we can share. She brought to my attention, we went to our first Cosplay event last month and I fell in love. So much more fun than Halloween. It feeds my geek spirit and as a real bonus I get to watch my daughter creativity shine.

cosplayfriends cosplay

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